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Your only source of Nitrox in Taveuni Island

Taveuni Dive are best known Dive operators in Taveuni. You can dive the legendary Rainbow Reef where beautiful colored fish swim in and out of the hard and soft corals.

Taveuni Dive have 20+ sites only 10-15 minutes away by boat. The Somosomo Strait has strong tidal currents which provide a constant flow of nutrients, idyllic for soft coral growth and fish life. Taveuni is world renowned among divers for this reason.

Dive Taveuni have 3 boats and work from two different locations, (Matei and Taveuni Estates) allowing them to cater to a variety of group sizes and locations

All dives include weights, belts, tank, fills, boat, guide, towels, and refreshments. They generally do a 2 tank morning dive, returning for lunch, but can also do afternoon or night dives if desired (upon request).

They are a Gold Palm 5 star IDC facility offering a full range of courses to suit all levels.

All of their dive staff are PADI qualified Instructors, Assistant Instructors or Divemasters - there to maximise your safety and enjoyment.

Taveuni Dive also operate an eco-resort located at Taveuni Estates. For further information plase click on this link

        • Highly qualified English speaking staff
        • Small dive groups giving personalised diving
        • Calm waters and Crystal clear seas
        • All levels of experience catered for. Sites chosen to match your expertise and experience
        • Kayaking
        • Snorkeling
        • Specialise in dive groups diving on Rainbow Reef and Vuna Reef
        • Rainbow Reef - Fiji's most spectacular diving - is the soft coral capital of the world
        • We offer sunset cruises and boat trips
        • Friendly and professional family business, with over 40 years experience in the dive industry
        • A Dive Master accompanies you on all dives, briefing the dive site before you enter the water
        • Dive Master shows you interesting creatures during the dive

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2015 Rates per person
(All prices inclusive of 20% Government Taxes)

Diving Rates















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Diving Packages

2 Tank dive
6 Tank dive (3 days)
10 Tank dive (5 days)
Other Packages

* incl. weight, tank, boat guide and lunch

Snorkel Trips

Snorkel trips require minimum of 2 people.
(4 hour trip)
Snorkel trip with divers
$85 (per person)
Snorkel Trips (2-4 people)
$125 (per person)
Snorkel Trips (5-8 people)
$80 (per person)


2-tank dives per day
Pearl Farm trip
$125 (per person)

Dive Courses





Discover Scuba Diving
Open Water
Advanced Open Water
Rescue Diver
Dive Master
Gear Hire

(Taveuni map)


Dive Taveuni is located on the coastal road in the southern part of Taveuni, near the Sogulu Plantation which is about 10 minute drive from the Wairiki ferry wharf or about 30 minutes from Matei airport.

Pickups from the north are done at the Korean wharf which is 5 minutes drive south of Taveuni's largest town Naqara.

How to Get There






Bus: Catching the public bus south from Wairiki wharf to Dive Taveuni in Sogulu plantation will cost you around FJ$2 and take about 15 minutes along the coastal road.

However, the bus only runs three times a day, (twice in the morning and once in the afternoon), so ask a local what times the bus runs and returns.

From Matei airport, it takes about 30 minutes to get to the Korean wharf and will cost around FJ$4.00.

Taxi: Catching a ride from the Wairiki wharf to Sogulu plantation will cost you about FJ$10. If you are heading from Matei Airport, it will cost you around FJ$30

Other Information

Payment by cash (USD, FJD) and travellers cheques

Credit Card facilities also available (Mastercard and Visa only)
Note: Fees may apply


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Please read our terms and conditions before making any bookings.

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