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Vuna Lighthouse Lodge- Vuna Village

Charming seaside lodge

Adi Salote Samanunu



Charming seaside guesthouse Your local host and traditional owner Adi Salote Samanunu Full kitchen facilities
Comfortable and clean double room Comfortable and clean single room Comfortable and clean dormitory room

This is a beautiful, quiet and remote seaside guesthouse located near Vuna village, a taro growing community. The guesthouse is a mere fifty metres from the beach which offers great views, swimming, reef fishing and snorkelling.

The operator of Vuna Lighthouse Lodge, is Adi Salote Samanunu who is a traditional owner and caretaker of the land. With over six rooms ranging from dormitory, single, and double/family rooms. All rooms are clean, comfortable and functiona,. as Fijians pride themselves on their cleanliness within the house.

Being local operators also means you can expect very good traditional "Fijian style" hospitality, which Taveuni is famous for.

Vuna Lighthouse lodge contains full kitchen facilities, however meals are also available, as is a weekly "lovo" (earth oven feast).


1. Accommodation Rates

2. Meal Rates

3. Location

4. How to Get there

5. What to do there

5. Other useful information

Accommodation Rates
No of rooms
Rates ($FJ) per night
(plus 25% Government Taxes)
Single (1 person only)
(sleeps 4)

$25 per person
(Children - $15 per child)

Meal Rates
(per person)




(plus 25% V.A.T.)
(including tropical fruits)



Mataikorova on the coastal road south to Vuna Village

How to Get There









Bus: Catching the public bus south from Ferry wharf (Wairiki) to Vuna will cost you around FJ$4 and takes around two hours along the coastal road.

However, the bus only runs three times a day, (twice in the morning and once in the afternoon), from Monday to Saturday.

Bus Leaves Naqara Arrives Vuna Village
9 am
11 am
11 am
1 pm

From Matei airport, takes around two and a half hours and will cost around FJ$6

Taxi: Catching a ride from the Ferry wharf (Wairiki) will cost you about FJ$60. If you are heading from Matei Airport, it will cost you around FJ$80-$90

What to do there








Visit the "Vuna Blow Holes". Tours can also be arranged through Vuna Lodge.

Swim, snorkel and reef fish at excellent beaches with some of the locals.

Diving with Paradise Taveuni or Taveuni Dive


Check out a traditional Fijian village through the eyes of a local with a village tour and enjoy some kava the traditional way.

Check out traditional farming methods of the villagers

Other Useful Information


Electricity (generator): Only available between 6pm and 9pm

Pick-up taxi service to and from Vuna Lodge can also be arranged (only, for advance bookings)


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