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Getting to Taveuni

Getting to Taveuni from both main islands of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu is very easy.  The simplest way to get there airplane from either Nadi [pronounced Nandi] International Airport or Nausori airport about 14kms (9 miles) from Suva or by ferry from Suva port, via Savusavu (Vanua Levu).

Fijian Map with Routes to Taveuni Island
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Map of Fiji showing plane and ferry routes to and from Taveuni Island



The most direct way to get to the island is by airplane.  Taveuni has an airport at Matei, and you can fly in from the main island of Viti Levu from either Nadi International or Nausori Airport (Suva).

  • Flights leave from Nadi airport to Taveuni at least 2 times a day, sometimes stopping off at Savusavu airport (Vanua Levu) or Nausori Airport, Suva.
  • They also leave once a day from Suva (Nausori Airport).
  • Taxi ride from Suva to Nausori Airport costs about FJ$35-$40
  • If you have a number of you going to Taveuni, you can also charter flights both from Island Hoppers or Northern Air (from Suva only), which may be a cheaper option (minimums apply).


Twin Otter Plane at Matei Airport
Aerial view of Matei Airport
Twin Otter Airplane
landing at Matei Airport
Aerial view of Matei
Airport, Taveuni

Flight Time

It takes about 90 minutes to fly to/from Nadi airport and about 1 hour to fly to/from Nausori (Suva) airport.


There are currently three operators of flights to and from Taveuni from either Nadi International Airport or Nausori Airport (near Suva), with only one major operator, Fiji Airways, who have the most competitive prices), so getting flights can sometimes be a little bit tricky if you decide to book at the last minute.

  1. Fiji Airways
  2. Northern Air (From Nausori airport only)


Costs can vary dramatically according to time of the year, how many planes in service, and how close you are to your departure date

So, be warned to book your flights as early as possible, otherwise you may either miss out completely or pay a premium (closer to the day) for FJ$600-$700 per person, one way, (normally around FJ$250 from Nadi to Taveuni-one way and FJ$190 from Suva to Taveuni- one way).

Tip: If you are flying Fiji Airways, then it is cheaper to buy your ticket from where you are coming from (e.g Melbourne or Sydney) to Taveuni directly. If you decide to stop off at Nadi and then purchase a separate ticket to Taveuni, then it will be more expensive.

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As Taveuni is the "breadbasket" of Fiji, supplying the majority of root crops, copra (dried coconut flesh) and kava to other parts of Fiji, it has a ferry wharf facility at Wairiki, servicing RORO (Roll On-Roll Off) passenger and transport ferries to and from Suva.

There are currently only two ferry services operating to and from Taveuni via Savusavu (Vanua Levu) from Suva and one service from Buca Bay (Vanua Levu) to Taveuni.

  1. MV Lomaiviti Princess
  2. Patterson Brothers Shipping Co. (alternative route to Taveuni)
WARNING: These ferries often do not operate on a regular basis, due to weather conditions, break-downs, different routes taken etc, so please check with the ferry companies by calling them directly. (If you email them, you may never get an answer!)

MV Lomaiviti Princess (Goundar Shipping)

MV Lomaviti Princess Ferry

The ferry MV Lomaiviti Princess has regular schedules to Taveuni Island, via Savusavu, usually twice a week

Usually departs Suva on Mondays and Fridays at 6pm (boarding at 4pm).

But please note: the ferry does not always leave on schedule. Sometimes it departs around 10-11pm depending on the volume of cargo that is loaded.

For further information, please contact Goundar Shipping directly.

P: (+679) 330 1035 or 330 1020

Alternatively visit their office in Tofua St. Walu Bay, Suva.


You can also download their shipping schedule directly from their website

Booking tickets (From Suva to Taveuni)

The Lomaiviti Princess leaves Walu Bay and tickets can be purchased before-hand from the Gounder Shipping Office located in Walu Bay or on the ferry (for a small premium)

In Taveuni, the ferries leave Wairiki Jetty. Tickets can also be bought on-board on the day of sailing or from the shipping offices in Naqara, before-hand.

Journey Length

The journey from Suva usually takes 14-16 hours and is an overnight service. The whole journey is arduous, and it is recommended to take either first-class lounge or a cabin (where possible).

Departure Time

Departure time from Suva is usually 6 pm or sometimes midnight (depending on its schedule), and takes about 14-16 hours to arrive in Taveuni (depending on the weather and the load it drops off and picks up from Savusavu).


This ferry also arrives a Wairiki wharf in Taveuni. From there you will be able to catch a public bus or a local taxi to your destination. If catching a taxi, make sure you negotiate the fare before you get in, as the taxis do not have meters.


A one-way trip to Taveuni from Suva in Economy will cost you FJ$67 (adult) and $41 (child) per person. First-class is FJ$100 (adult) and FJ$50 (child) per person. Cabins are also available for a premium.

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Patterson Brothers Shipping Co. (alternative route to Taveuni)

There is a daily ferry service that runs from Natovi jetty in Tailevu to Nabouwalou (Vanua Levu) by Patterson Brothers Shipping Co. and then to Taveuni via Savusavu and Natuvu (Buca Bay).

The ferry service runs twice a day and is Roll-On Roll-off (RoRo) ferry. The first ferry leaves around 7am with the second ferry following shortly and it takes about 4 hours to get to Nabouwalou.

From Nabouwalu you catch a bus to Savuasavu (two hour ride on a sealed road).

However, you must stay overnight in Savusavu and the following morning you can catch a bus to Natuvu jetty, Buca Bay, via a mainly sealed road (trip takes about 1 1/2 - 2 hours), after which you can catch a RoRo barge (Goundars Lomaiviti Princess I) from Natuvu to the wharf at Taveuni, (which takes a couple of hours). This makes for a great adventure.

The barge normally leaves around 11am (but please confirm with Goundars shipping beforehand- phone number above)


Please note: Booking are essential.

For bookings on the Patterson Brothers ferry please contact the Patterson Brothers Shipping Co on the following numbers:

Suva: Phone: 331 5644, Nina St Suva
Labasa: Phone: 881 2444, Nasekula Rd Labasa
Nausori: Phone: 347 8335, Main St Nausori

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